Additional Liability Company “LKSN-Kolos” was established in 1996. The beginning of our activities related to repair, overhaul, and warranty harvesting machinery service both domestic and imported in several districts of Minsk region (Republic of Belarus), as well as in the areas of Voronezh and Kursk (Russian Federation). A key goal of this activity was the ability to create our own production on our own premises, a quickly managed and quickly adaptable production, and the one radically different from most state enterprises. And we managed to succeed.

Additional Liability Company “LKSN-Kolos” has a friendly staff the total number of up to 50 people, of whom 70% have been working in the company for seven years and more, what allows to handle the technical documentation of any complexity as soon as possible, readjust the production for actual contract and its execution in the terms established by the contract, at a reasonable price and in compliance with all quality indicators, and if necessary – with the improvement (optimization) of design.

We have a broad industrial base, including several areas:

Machining operation

CNC machine tool

Gas-plasma cutting machine for cutting sheet metal

Welding department

Metalwork department

Assembling department

Loading and unloading area